Снять трёхкомнатную квартиру по адресу Москва

1 126 000рублей в месяц( ≈ 19 930,20долларов в месяц≈ 17 790,80евро в месяц)

Аренда квартир


Лот 79626. Stylish 3-room apartment in a luxury building, 5 / floor 13. Bedrooms: 2, bathrooms: 3. Total area: 170 sq. m. Rooms: 67-28-16 sq. m. Kitchen: 10 sq. m. Renovated in modern European style. The apartment is offered Unfurnished, possible purchase ... Fenced, guarded territory. Convenient layout, spacious walk-in closets. The kitchen is equipped with appliances exclusive luxury apartments. The parquet from valuable breeds of a tree. Installed all the required modern life support systems and safety: ventilation, air-conditioning system, fire alarm, Internet, satellite TV, heated floor. Available to rent a few Parking spaces in the underground Parking. Presentable entrance from the Kremlin, reception, security. Extra services: apartment cleaning, grocery delivery. In the complex there is a fitness club with a swimming pool, restaurants, shops, guest underground Parking, the Four Seasons hotel and a shopping centre. A unique place for a comfortable and safe living.

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